Impact Amplifier is a functioning business, as well as a leader in the field of impact investing and social entrepreneurship. IA has been involved in projects as far reaching as entrepreneur ecosystem analysis in Madagascar, to setting up small farmer supply chains and impact assessments in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.

iAmp is an extension of Impact Amplifier, which has an established reputation and a network of industry experts to draw from. The program, which allows participants to learn applicable skills from authorities in the industry, was started to address the growing need for university students and recent graduates to gain the experience they need to either explore the social enterprise profession or gain a permanent position in the sector. Jobs in this field are highly coveted and require a particular skill set.

We don’t simply offer a short-term adventure. Our aim is to equip students with the experience they need to support their career interests.

iAmp operates as an extension to Impact Amplifier (IA) which was founded in 2011 and whose partners have over 30 years experience in social innovation and impact investing. IA has accelerated the growth and access to capital, of over 80 social enterprises in Southern Africa, worked on ecosystem research projects in Madagascar, to a clean-tech partnership with the World Bank, to setting up small farmer supply chains and impact assessments in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. IA also runs social enterprise incubator programs and provides one-on-one entrepreneur investment advisory support.

Impact Amplifier staff and iAmp facilitators lead the first two weeks of the program with students being matched with iAmp mentors for the final 6 weeks while supporting a social entrepreneur through the investment readiness process.

iAmp is highly competitive. Due to the popularity of the program, and our endeavor to maintain small cohort groups with high levels of personal attention and academic rigor, places are limited and highly sought after.
  • iAmp Africa Core 8 Week Program including: orientation, workshops, site visits, Investment Readiness training dedicated mentors, weekly mentoring and two fun excursions.
  • A rich, practical experience in African social entrepreneurship and impact investing.
  • An immersion into the core principles of venture capital with easily transferable knowledge and hands on experience in startup development and capital raising.
  • Learn from a team of globally recognised, social enterprise acceleration experts
  • Radically shift your perspective of the African continent and solutions to solve global issues.
  • Build a global and local network.
  • A cultural immersion into one of the most desirable tourist destination in the world.
You will need to cover your flights, accommodation and meals, vaccinations, visa expenses, international travel insurance, local health insurance, laundry, extra excursions and personal spending money.
You’re an adventurous, confident, global citizen who is hungry for knowledge and never satisfied with the status quo. You are socially and environmentally conscious, currently an undergraduate, masters or recent graduate student with a passion for emerging markets and looking to accelerate your career in the impact economy.
In most cases a tourist visa valid up until 90 days is sufficient for your iAmp program. Please contact your nearest South Africa Embassy to confirm the most up to date information.

To enrol in iAmp you need to be enrolled at a college or university, be a recent graduate and/or be over the age of 18 years old.
You begin the application process by applying online. You’ll see a flashy red button in the menu bar at the top of each iAmp’s page or you can just click here.

The application form consists of a personal profile as well as a series of questions, which help us determine your suitability for the program, your passion for the world of social enterprise and the impact economy, your competency, and your core values.

The iAmp team review your application and together we schedule an online interview, which usually takes 20 minutes.

Depending on the time of the year we endeavor to pass back a decision on your application within 2 weeks of receiving your application form.

If you have any questions leading up to or during the application process please email us

Absolutely not! Applications are free, so what are you waiting for!?
Applications close 1 month before the program start date. If you discover iAmp within this time frame, applications will be processed on a case by case basis.
Don’t be nervous! The interview is designed to help us get to know who you are and what you are passionate about. The questions aren’t difficult and you don’t need to prepare in advance. Just go with the flow and be yourself!

In addition to the personal profile and academic information you’ll provide initially we will also ask you to complete a 500-word essay. This will be assigned to you on completion of the application form. We need to know you’ve got the goods!

We review every application and come to a decision on a number of criteria important to fitting in as part of the iAmp team. We ask for your grades in the application form to get an overview on how you will cope with the demanding nature and high standards of the program. We never base decisions on grades alone. The application process is more about getting to know you as a person.
Yes absolutely! If your friend meets our minimum requirements and makes it through the application process demonstrating a passion and interest in Africa, social innovation, entrepreneurship and impact investing you are welcome to join the program together.

You could land up supporting entrepreneurs through the investment readiness process while breaking new ground in renewable energy, water and hygiene solutions, waste to energy, sustainable agricultural solutions or high tech healthcare.
Dependent on the number of participants in your cohort and the level of support the social entrepreneur requires you will likely work in teams of 2-3.
No suits needed! The entrepreneurship and innovation space has a relaxed and casual dress code here in South Africa. In the cooler months (April to November) pack warmer clothes and a rain jacket. The rest of the year can be very warm so lighter clothing, shorts and t-shirts are recommended.
Please do! But do make sure they are fully insured and all documents are backed up before you leave home. You will likely be working on your own device for the duration of the program.

Make sure your mobile phone is unlocked and turn off your roaming data before traveling. On arrival you can purchase a local SIM card and data to be in touch with family and friends back home.

Our accommodation is centrally located to the iAmp campus as well as the entrepreneurs. During the first 2 weeks, and dependent on the lecture and workshop locations you will either walk or transport will be arranged for the group by iAmp as part of the program fee.

In the instances during the final 6 weeks where your work is outside of walking distance (+-1 km) Uber For Business will be used.

This means safe, reliable and convenient transport throughout your program.

It is not. As a result of visa regulations any work carried out is unpaid.
You will need to budget for your meal expenses, but don’t fear, Cape Town is renowned for its fantastic restaurants all within easy distance from the iAmp campus.

Local supermarkets are well stocked with a number offering imported items too. Restaurants serve food from all over the world so you will definitely find hangouts that cater to your individual tastes. Though we do hope you try a few of our local specialties, including mielie pap, bobotie and biltong. Also don’t forget to get involved in a braai!

Have special dietary requirements? No problem. Supermarkets and restaurants cater to a multitude of dietary needs.

iAmp offers a fully supported experience to it’s participants. Our staff are on call 24 hours a day and all participants are given a full health and safety briefing on arrival. Our number one focus is the wellbeing and safety of participants which is one of the reasons why we have chosen accommodation in the metropolitan hub of Cape Town.

In the case of an emergency iAmp are on hand 24 hours a day and you will never be more than a few kilometers from a hospital.

Strict systems and procedures are in place. Aside from our staff always being on call, our local partners are kept up to date with health and safety procedures. We periodically review risk assessments for each location and have emergency action plans in place for a variety of scenarios, as well as protocols for incident reporting.

Of course no travel experience is without risks, which is why it is important to be vigilant when on the road, and to make sure you are fully covered by a trusted and comprehensive travel insurance plan.

As part of the program fee iAmp provides comprehensive local health insurance for all participants.

South Africans, and Cape Townians in particular, are focused on staying fit and active. During the weekend locals are out in droves cycling, trail running, hiking up Table Mountain and Lion’s Head, doing yoga on the Sea Point Promenade or walking their dogs on the beach. We encourage you to take advantage of what the city has to offer and do as the locals do.

There are also a number of gyms within easy distance to the accommodation. These have monthly membership plans and are fully equipped with weight and cardio machines, aerobics and dance classes and a whole heap more. Yoga and boxing studios, as well as running clubs are available too if that floats your boat.

You sure will! While week days are usually jam packed, weekends are free for you to explore the city and surrounding areas.
To the benefit of our foreign participants, the Dollar/Rand exchange is heavily weighted in your favour! You can manage on a relatively small budget and we would recommend $120 – $150 a week, though many participants have survived well enough on a lot less. Remember your only real unavoidable expenses are lunch, dinner and laundry.
Banking in South Africa is just as easy as in many developed countries. Local ATMs take credit cards issued by foreign banks as long as they are supported by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Visa-Electron or Maestro.

Remember to inform your bank you are traveling to South Africa and make yourself aware of the process should your card be lost or stolen. A backup credit card is advisable.

The iAmp program includes a number of compulsory excursions and site visits as part of the first 2 weeks. These will orientate you with the city as well as contribute to your understanding of the social enterprise space in South Africa.

We also include 2 fun excursions as part of the iAmp program. While these are not compulsory we encourage participants to take advantage of these group activities. We promise they are a lot of fun and are part of the iAmp experience!

Here are a few examples of what these optional side trips may be:

  • Hike up Lion’s Head
  • Explore Table Mountain on foot or by Cable Car
  • Experience a Cape Peninsula tour
  • Take surfing lessons at Muizenburg beach
  • Enjoying a yachting day trip
  • Go on day safari
For sure! Taking part in the iAmp program affords you a large group of potential travel companions to choose from or you may wish to arrive early to acclimatize to a new city.

South Africa has so much to offer from the winelands, Route 62 and the Garden Route to the Kruger National Park. It is also the gateway to the rest of Africa – explore further afield and discover Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique right on the doorstep. Remember that it is important to meet any visa requirements before confirming your travel plans!

No doubt! iAmp offers invaluable skills, which will enhance your resume and add to your employability. The program provides you with the platform through which to apply your skills in context to address real challenges. Not only does the program offer valuable career skills, but also personal development through cultural exchange. New career skills as well as life skills will change your outlook, and help you bring a fresh perspective to the table. While many young people have a difficult time gaining practical experience in the impact economy, iAmp’s extensive know-how and African network will allow you to gain experiences that support your career interests.
There are many interesting options for young graduates with experience in the social enterprise and impact investment sector.

It is our hope that you succeed in your career. We will continue to provide advice and support as you come to grips with a career path, goals and passions.

You can pay your deposit and balance by bank transfer, or debit or credit card. We accept payment in GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD. Once your application has been approved you will be sent details on how to pay. We require a 10% deposit to secure a placement.
We are always open to constructive feedback. And we definitely want to know if you have a complaint! Any formal feedback or complaints may be submitted to